Navigating the Void of Adulthood

by Braceface

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A few songs from our upcoming full length - "Don't Lose Your Dinosaur"

Recorded at our house (The Braceface House)
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mitch Nelson
Album art by David De La Rosa


released January 17, 2020

David De La Rosa - Vocals/Guitar
Mitch Nelson - Vocas/Guitar (lead vocals on "Me & You")
Sam Grysavage - Bass/Vocals
Daniel Cannistra - Drums/Vocals
Chaz Monroe - Gang vocals on "I Don't Wanna Leave my Room"


all rights reserved



Braceface Laurel, Maryland

For the dorks with a song in their hearts, or the punks looking for something a little different, Braceface have made it to their mission to write catchy punk rock songs that everyone can relate too. With caffeine driven live shows and no signs of crashing soon, Braceface are definitely a band to keep on your radar! ... more


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Track Name: All My Friends Are Growing Up
Lyrics & Music written by David De La Rosa

All of my friends are telling me I'm weird
Cause I'm not growing up or getting out of here
I'm still having awkward conversations with the girl that works next door
and making shitty tips from overpaid lawyers

I hate my stupid job, but what else can I do?
Everyone's so full of themselves, and I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do

All my friends are growing up and getting out of here
but I keep holding myself back from facing all my fears
Every time I try to be the best that I can be
it ends up blowing all up in my face

All my friends are growing up

When everyone is getting their degrees
I'm filled with joy and filled with such envy
I'm still waking up hungover wearing yesterday's clothes calling up my mom tryna bum a ride home
It's no wonder I end up in this mess

I hate my fucking life, but what else can I do?
Everyone's got their head up their ass, and I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do.


All my friends are growing up
All my friends are growing up today
Track Name: Me & You
Lyrics & Music written by Mitch Nelson

The first time that I saw you, you were burned into my brain
and the way you move those hips baby you know you're driving me insane
Weeks and months and years go by these days never seem to last, but if I
Spend another night away from you I’ll give it all up and I’ll never look back

You could be a million miles away
I’ll come running when I hear you call my name

They might say we’re crazy
We could show ‘em a thing or two
Right now it’s just me and you
And it might not work but baby
Nobody knows you like I do
‘cause tonight it’s just me and you
Yeah, me and you

I never thought there was a chance that you could ever fall for me
that your heart belonged to someone else instead
That night when we first kissed keeps playing over and over inside my head
And I don't want a cure for this broken record memory


Track Name: I Don't Wanna Leave My Room
Lyrics & Music written by David De La Rosa

I'm a wreck and self destructive mess, and I don't wanna leave my room
Cause everybody seems so phony to me, and I like to live by my own rules
I go to work but I can't make no green, cause people are so stingy & rude
While you're putting people down, I got life all figured, but some days my chemistry gets screwed.

Looked in the mirror I don't like who I see, so I'm not gonna leave my tomb
My friends get married and they move away, yeah I guess i didn't need ya too
I'm getting anxious so I smoke some green, it's making me feel like I'm loose
I'm not burning out my life, I'm just tryna get by, and some days I need a little fuel.

Today's a drag, so lock me inside
My sacred realm for the rest of time
I wanna spread my wings, and fly to the moon
But it's getting hard to smile and I don't wanna leave my room.

I don't wanna leave my room (x a bajillion)

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